Riveted Metal Rocker Panel Decal Kit



Riveted Metal Distressed Rocker Panel Decal Kit

This rocker panel kit features a continuous riveted metal pattern that is slightly distressed.  All rocker panel decals are printed on 3M Control Tac vinyl with industry leading solvent inks.  Choose from 3M 7-year vinyl for flat surfaces with mild curves or the 3M 10-year premium cast vinyl for surfaces with more moderate curves and indentations.  Both vinyl options are self adhesive with Air Release which provides a smooth and bubble-free installation.  The Control Tac feature allows the graphics to be repositioned during the installation process, if needed.  All graphics are covered with a clear acrylic laminate to provide long term durability and UV protection against fading.  Rocker panel kits are removable without causing damage to paint or clear coat.  Choose from 6 sizes:

  •  8 inches x 22 feet kit = (2) 8" x 11' strips
  •  8 inches x 28 feet kit = (2) 8" x 14' strips
  • 12 inches x 24 feet kit = (2) 12" x 12' strips
  • 12 inches x 30 feet kit = (2) 12" x 15' strips
  • 16 inches x 26 feet kit = (6) 16" x 52" pieces
  • 16 inches x 30 feet kit = (6) 16" x 52" pieces (2) 16" x 26" pieces

*Please be sure to verify measurements prior to ordering to ensure proper fit.

Installation instructions and an application squeegee will be provided with your order.  All rocker panel decal kits are made-to-order and ship within 3 business days.