Fish Camo "Bass" Vinyl

Miller Graphics


Camo "Bass" Vinyl Roll

All camo patterns are high quality, detailed renderings of the outdoors.  Vinyl sheets are printed in high resolution 1440 dpi.  Each design is a non-repeat image that creates a continuous camouflage pattern throughout the entire sheet.  

Camo sheets are printed on industry-leading 3M Premium Cast Vinyl.  3M Cast vinyl features Air Release technology to allow for a smooth and bubble free application.  Vinyl can be heated and stretched to install over curves and to be pressed into deep indentations. 

Each sheet is laminated with 3M Ultra Cast Laminate (choose matte or gloss).  Laminate helps to reduce scratches and provides UV protection to prevent fading.  Miller Graphics camo sheets are available in 7 different size options to accommodate any application or project.  To maintain a consistent design, each pattern is printed in either a small, mid-size, or large pattern depending on the size of the roll.  Our 2' x 4' and 4' x 5' rolls are printed using a small scale pattern.  A mid-size pattern is used for the 4' x 6', 4' x 8', and 4' x 10' size options.  A large scale pattern is used for our 4' x 12' and 4' x 15' sizes.  This allows every roll we print to have a continuous, non-repeat camouflage pattern regardless of the size you order.  

 All of our printed wrap vinyl products are made-to-order and ship within 3 business days.